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04.06.2008 Wednesday morning @ 1:25 a.m.
*See ya!*

It's been ages since I last posted an entry. I never seemed to have the time to post anything read-worthy and I always seemed to be caught up with work (yes, yes what else is new?).

This current paragraph that you're reading has just replaced an earlier one that I'd composed. However, I see no reason to put it up due its irrelevance to anyone but me.

I'm thinking of scrapping this space altogether and going semi-private. I mean, as much as I like to keep some things to myself, I still like to share some details with close friends and family. Hence, Multiply will be a good platform for me. I mean, I've long stopped updating Blurty and neither have I uploaded any new layouts to test in the other DLand space. And as much as I think that Livejournal is uber-neat and EFX2blogs just super-cool, I could never see myself continuing to write anything there.


So, in short, I'm just going to stop posting here (indefinitely). I won't close this Journal down but neither will I be writing anything (much). Maybe I'll drop a line or two but that's it.

DLand, you've been great to me. I've shared my life, relationships, ups and downs as well as work woes with you. However, life moves on and I have to move on. I can't remember how many entries I've posted here so far (my profile might show the figures though) but I've had fantastic six-plus-seven years with you.

'Til we meet again! Up, up and beyond! :-)

. . .

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